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Welcome to J&A Counseling and Evaluations, Inc.

Specializing in Substance Abuse, Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Services

It is our mission to provide professional and supportive treatment for any individual with cost-effective substance abuse and/or personal growth counseling services in a comfortable, confidential environment with effective and qualified therapists.

J & A Counseling and Evaluations, Inc (JACE) is a privately owned and operated counseling agency, specializing in substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, family counseling, mental counseling, anger management/self-control counseling, substance abuse evaluations, and Secretary of State Driver's License evaluations. Our counselors are professional and confidental therapists that specialize in various areas based on the counselor's experience and education.

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5100 Eastman Avenue, Suite 2 ♦ Midland, Michigan 48640